Here I would like to share site links for some of my friends. If you are interested, please feel free to comment below so that I will append you on this page. For those Bangumi users or Twitter users, approval will be more faster. Friend links is not a fashion. It is used for improving PR value.

  • 借我一支笔 Senpai Ling is an experienced SDE who is an expert in NLP and SR. He is also one of my working colleagues. His dream is to build a maid dialogue bot like XiaoIce to serve otakus.
  • IceHoney! Acgotaku(雪月秋水) is a famous web developer. He covers a wide range of technologies and is especially skillful in Javascript. His BaiduExporter empowers 20k+ users to embrace a restriction-free resource sharing Internet.
  • MainasuK MainasuK is an undergraduate who majors in Network Engineering. He is also the author of an elegant third party Bangumi iOS client, Bangumi M. “どんどんドーナツ,どーんと行こう!”
  • 15cmの窓から 15cm_窓, an undergraduate at [email protected], a technological enthusiast whose life style is being changed by programming, being zealous in chaining tools that he discovers or builds together to implement exhilarating functionalities.
  • 小笠原 やきん のメモ帳 小笠原 やきん is a dedicated developer, devoting all his life and dreams to the Greatness of ACG. He works in a (not really) “new game” company, making contributions to domestic Galgame development. His side project DMHY is brining convenience to a broad range of otaku-geeks to facilitate their ACG lives.
  • 云羽的羽毛 羽毛 is a young man (really!) of a completely new generation. He knows a lot of technologies and is familiar with Linux-family complex systems. Our young man at this age is always having a complicated mind, regarding to people around him and his world.
  • Kamikat’s Blog Kamikat has been proven to be a genius, creative and moe coder manually by Haruki and 羽毛. He majors in IoT and will be graduating from BUPT as a master in 2017. Can’t wait to meet him in real life!
  • Alex Ling Alex Ling is a geek specialized in iOS development, Python and Node.js. He currently studies in CityU HK and will soon finish his bachelor degree and pursuing his PhD degree there. He is an enthusiast of Hackathons and I would strongly invite you to visit his portfolio and GitHub to know more about him.
  • Jun Tian Jun is also one of my working colleagues focusing on language understanding. He graduated from CASIA as a master and is keen on various data science competition. He has been bearing a growth mindset of learning, and I’m sure he will definitely get what he wants here in Microsoft.